The Best Hotel in Dyersville Iowa- Our Top 5

Choosing the best hotel in Dyersville, Iowa is crucial for an enjoyable trip, ensuring convenience, great amenities, and close to attractions like the Field of Dreams.

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Best Hotel Overall: Comfort Inn

Comfort Inn is the best overall hotel in Dyersville, Iowa, offering a great experience for all guests. Conveniently, this Comfort Inn location is only a 9-minute drive from the beloved Field of Dreams ballpark.

One key highlight is the complimentary breakfast provided, allowing you to start your day off with a full stomach. 

This hotel’s other amenities, such as the inviting pool and hot tub, provide a relaxing and enjoyable stay. 

Also, this hotel offers free wifi, allowing you to stay connected during your stay.

With its strategic location and thoughtful amenities, Comfort Inn emerges as the top choice for those seeking a comfortable and well-appointed stay in Dyersville, Iowa.


2.) Super 8 by Wyndham

Super 8 by Wyndham in Dyersville, Iowa, emerges as an excellent hotel option, providing a combination of affordability and modern amenities. 

The complimentary breakfast offered at the hotel ensures that guest

s start their day with a satisfying meal. This feature not only adds value to the stay but also allows travelers to save on dining expenses.

The hotel’s strategic location, just a 9-minute drive from the famous Field of Dreams, makes it a convenient choice for those eager to explore this icoi-Fi, guests can stay connected throughout their stay, whether for business or leisure purposes. The commitment to daily housekeeping ensures that the rooms remain clean and inviting, contributing to an overall positive experience for visitors choosing Super 8 by Wyndham as their accommodation in Dyersville, Iowa.


3.) Is This Heaven Downtown Dyersville Apartment

The “Is This Heaven” apartment stands out as a fantastic alternative to traditional hotels in Dyersville, Iowa. Conveniently, this apartment includes many great amenities such as a kitchen and free wifi.

Also, this apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, providing ample space and privacy for families, groups, or even couples.

This accommodation is just an 8-minute drive from the iconic Field of Dreams, making it an ideal choice for those planning on visiting. 

This well-rounded combination of amenities, along with its proximity to the Field of Dreams, makes the “Is This Heaven” apartment a great value for travelers seeking a comfortable and convenient stay in Dyersville, Iowa.


4.) Dyersville Magic Condo 316

Staying in a hotel provides a relaxing and stress-free experience. But, have you ever considered staying in your very own private condo? This “Magic Condo” in Dyersville might just convince you. 

The Dyersville Magic Condo 316 offers great privacy and a personalized experience, allowing you to enjoy a home-like atmosphere with fully equipped amenities. It is more cost-effective for groups, providing a spacious and comfortable setting at a competitive price compared to hotel accommodations.

The Dyersville Magic Condo presents a compelling alternative to traditional hotels in Dyersville, Iowa, by providing a unique blend of comfort and convenience. With a fully-equipped kitchen at your disposal, you have the flexibility to prepare your meals if you desire.

Not to mention, this condo also includes free wifi, which is a must-have for most travelers.

Also, you will receive practical amenities like a washer and dryer. Additionally, your restroom will be fully stocked with toiletries!

A cozy bedroom rounds out the experience, offering a king-size bed; a much better value than most hotels may offer. 

In conclusion, the Dyersville Magic Condo goes beyond the conventional hotel experience, providing a clean and relaxing experience.


5.) American Inn & Suites

The American Inn and Suites near Dyersville, Iowa, stands out as a great hotel option. The complimentary breakfast provided ensures that guests start their day with a hearty meal, setting a positive tone for their exploration of the surrounding areas.

Also, the inclusion of a gym allows guests to maintain their fitness routines even while traveling, providing a convenient space to stay active and healthy. 

On top of that, the pet-friendly policy at the American Inn and Suites accommodates furry companions, making it an inclusive option for travelers with pets. 

Also, be sure to take advantage of the free Wifi!

With its combination of amenities and pet-friendly approach, this hotel stands as a versatile and welcoming choice for those visiting the Dyersville area.

So, What is the Best Hotel in Dyersville Iowa?

The Comfort Inn Hotel is our number-one pick for the best hotels in Dyersville, Iowa. Not only are the amenities great, but the Field of Dreams is just a short drive away.

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