Patagonia vs North Face vs Columbia: Which is Best?

Patagonia vs North Face vs Columbia: 3 of the top outdoor apparel brands in the industry. But the real question is: Which is best?

Deciding on the right clothing for your favorite outdoor activities is an important thing to consider.

Mainly because you must evaluate the quality, sustainability, and price of the products you consume. And even more so in the case of outdoor sports, where poor quality can result in torn clothing or even injuries.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to take three of the best outdoor clothing companies and help you figure out which one is best for you. 

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The North Face

The North Face offers all kinds of versatile clothing for outdoor activities or to keep you cozy and at ease during the winter.

Specializing in developing comfy, long-lasting, and resilient gear for hiking, camping, climbing, trekking, hunting, or any other activity you can think of to do. The North Face has something to keep you warm and relaxing during a cold winter, which the company keeps in mind when developing its clothing.

The North Face Products

The beauty of The North Face is that it designs its products keeping everyone in mind. Both men, women, and children can enjoy their garments. Its most popular product is its jackets, with all kinds of models and designs to suit all tastes.

From sweatshirts, fleece jackets, 3-in-one jacket, their famous puffers, and coats that can really keep you warm and at the same time make you look good. 

Plus you can find great accessories for the season like hats, gloves, and versatile winter boots for running and hiking smoothly on icy trails. And if you’re more of a sandal person, you can also find casual sandals that are useful during this season.

It’s not all about warm jackets and accessories, you can also find a variety of casual t-shirts, basecoats, and sweatshirts. And to complement the relaxed style, winter sweatpants, skirts, and pants are suitable for training and jogging during the winter season.

That’s just for the clothing and shoes part of the line because The North Face has much more to offer. The brand has a series of equipment to accompany you during your outdoor activities:

  • Backpacks
  • Technical backpacks
  • Suitcases and travel bags
  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags

It’s even possible to shop for specific activities, whether you plan to go hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing, or backpacking, among other adventures. 

The North Face Features

Unique and fresh designs

The North Face is known for taking meticulous care of its designs. Both for maintaining its consecrated quality, as well as for renewing its designs to keep them fresh. A clear example is their puffer jackets, which are constantly adapted to keep them in trend. 

Functional and Practical

They also maintain the objective that their garments are not only beautiful but also functional and practical. Their garments are lightweight, so when you walk you don’t feel that you are carrying the weight of the clothes, but rather that they are comfortable to wear.

Quality and price 

Another essential feature of The North Face is its striving to achieve the ideal balance between quality and price. So customers can get an excellent, durable product for a fair price that is worth it.


Then there is Patagonia, a company that started out as a small climbing tool developer. Today it is one of the favorite clothing brands for outdoor enthusiasts. Its colorful designs and eco-friendly products have put it in the spotlight.

Patagonia Products

Although climbers continue to be their top target, as they have clothing lines for climbers. They have also expanded to skiers, surfers, snowboarders, fishermen, and trail runners, among other sportspeople.

Its garments range from jackets, sweaters, and pants for cold weather activities, to wetsuits, swimsuits, skirts, and suits that facilitate water activities. They also have lines of comfortable socks and underwear and hats and accessories that enhance the outfits during these activities. 

And of course, they not only focus on garments but also help with equipment. You can find laptop bags, sleeping bags, water bottles, and camping bags within their repertoire. And many other products that are of great help when venturing outdoors.

Another interesting additive of the brand is that they also have a food line. That’s right, you can find food products to accompany you during your adventure. From black bean soups, and fruit bars, among other nutritious and versatile foods. 

Patagonia Features

Colorful and eye-catching

Something really appealing about Patagonia’s clothing is that they don’t stick to the traditional pastel tones of the competition. Instead, they focus on opting for bold, eye-catching colors. This is because they take their major inspiration from the colorful clothing of North Atlantic fishermen.

Ecological and friendly

Something that the brand likes very much and that strongly characterizes it is its constant struggle not to cause unnecessary damage to the environment. It explores an almost virgin terrain of garment production for the free market. For this reason, they use a technology that allows them to manufacture the lining of their jackets from disposable bottles. Cool, isn’t it?

But that’s not all, 1% of the company’s sales profits are donated to environmental groups. Patagonia’s main objective is to help the environment as much as possible. 

Something that may also be nice for many customers, is the fact that Patagonia is really friendly to its employees. This is very uncommon, especially in clothing companies, a market where you see a lot of exploitation of employees. However, Patagonia, try to offer good benefits and help to their employees. This is also part of their ideal to remain friendly to their customers, employees, and the environment.



Last but not least, we have Columbia, a brand with around 70 years of history. During all these years, the brand has strived to offer comfort, quality, and safety. When it comes to outdoor clothing brands, this is one of the most recognized among enthusiasts and the general consumer.

Columbia Products

Columbia offers a variety of garments for everyone, from men, women, and children can enjoy their products. Different styles of jackets for all tastes and events, short and long sleeve shirts, as well as comfy and trendy hoodies and sports sweaters. There are also pants, shorts, and soft and practical footwear for your land and water activities.

The high technology of its garments is really attractive for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Many of these are designed to be 100% waterproof, which is very useful for venturing out into the environment.

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They are also easy to wash thanks to their FreshTech technology that reduces the appearance of bacteria, avoiding bad odors and excess dirt. 

Not to mention, their hiking backpacks are surprisingly durable. Nowadays, it is rare to find hiking backpacks that are affordable, comfortable, and most importantly, durable.

Like The North Face, Columbia offers its customers the option to search for products for a specific activity.

  • Fishing
  • Trail
  • Golfing
  • Travel
  • Ski and snow

Columbia Features


With so many years in the market, Columbia has had to constantly reinvent itself and tailor its garments according to new trends. Not only that but also considering the adverse weather conditions and the risks of outdoor activities. 

Columbia may share many qualities with the competition, but there is one thing that undoubtedly distinguishes and characterizes it: its flexibility. It constantly recognizes possible improvements in its products and strives to reinforce them. Something that undoubtedly gives them a great advantage over other brands.

High protection

Columbia goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of its customers.  Not only do they incorporate super breathable technology in their garments to ensure proper air circulation, but they also have UV protection. This is particularly nice if you plan outdoor activities, as UV rays are highly damaging. 

Patagonia vs North Face vs Columbia: Which one is the best for you?

In conclusion, after thorough consideration and comparison, Columbia emerges as the standout choice among outdoor clothing brands.

While North Face and Patagonia are formidable competitors, Columbia’s fusion of durability, style, and innovative technology sets it apart. Features like the Omni-Heat reflective lining showcase the brand’s commitment to practicality and comfort in outdoor pursuits.

Moreover, Columbia’s competitive pricing adds further appeal, making it an attractive option for adventurers seeking quality gear without excessive expenditure. For those prioritizing performance and value, Columbia unquestionably reigns supreme in the realm of outdoor apparel.