Fire & Flavor Fire Starters- A Better Campfire Option?

The Fire & Flavor Fire Starters surprised me, especially when comparing them to other fire starters on the market.

I purchased the Fire & Flavor Fire Starters on Amazon, not knowing if they actually work. I’m used to the usual method of pouring lighter fluid on some firewood to get the fire started. But now I’m opting for a portable, chemical-free option, and these caught my attention.

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The Pros

To start off, Fire & Flavor advertise these as being “100% Biomass, odorless, non-toxic, natural and Carbon Neutral”. In my testing, I confirmed this to be the case. It didn’t smell like chemicals at all. I would definitely feel confident using them for s’mores and grilling.

These cubes lit almost instantly. They burned for several minutes with no problem. This was despite the windy conditions that I had to use them in. This gives you more than enough time to get your fire going. 

The Price

An added bonus is that these are VERY reasonably priced. Seeing how cheap they were made me skeptical, but that changed right after they lit in just seconds. Also, they aren’t advertised to work in windy conditions. I tried it out anyway and they held their own against the wind. This will also depend on the type of torch that you are using.

The package comes with 72 firestarters. The recommended use is 2 to 3 of these to get a campfire going. But honestly, I think you could get away with 1. Especially if you have plenty of kindling. These may even last through part of next year for us.


The entire bag weighs a little over a pound. The portable design is perfect for camping trips, picnics, or any other time when you need to have a fire but don’t have the materials necessary for doing so. These can also be used in your grill at home or in your fireplace if you happen to own one. This beats buying heavy and expensive lighter fluid every camping trip.

The Fire & Flavor Fire Starters are a massive time saver.

Great for the Environment

The listing on Amazon says this exactly: “SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND HUMANS: Low-VOC Emissions – South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Approved”. Using these as your primary option may just do the environment a favor.

The Cons 

It was very difficult for me to come up with a con for this product. But if I were to be really picky, I’d say that these are not designed to work in the wind. As mentioned before, I had to use a wind-resistant torch to get them started. But once they started burning, they held their own. 

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Are the Fire & Flavor Fire Starters worth it?

This is an easy yes. Price combined with portability, safety and long shelf life makes them worth every penny. They are a real time-saver for the adventurous camper. Without a doubt, I will be bringing these on my next camping trip. And I recommend that you do as well. You can purchase the Fire & Flavor 100% Biomass Fire Starters here.