The Best Colors for Crappie Fishing!

What are the best colors for crappie? Well, many of us have had the experience of going on a crappie fishing trip without seeming to get any bites. This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve had success with certain lures before. Crappie can be predictably unpredictable, as their preference can change by the day. In this guide, we are going to look at the top 3 best colors for crappie fishing!

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No. 3-  White

White is a great color for many situations. It works well for both clear and murky water environments. A white grub pairs especially well with red, which are two very attractive colors to crappie. The Catchmore 4″ Twist Tail Grubs are a great example of an attractive white and red lure. 

No. 2-  Pink

There’s a good reason why pink is No. 2 on our list. Crappie just seem to prefer pink over almost all colors. Pink is especially visible in murky water situations, making it a great go-to color. Pink also pairs well with white, giving you a higher chance of success. The Catchmore 4″ Twist Tail Grubs are an irresistible option for crappie. You can take a look at them below.

No. 1-  Chartreuse 

The best color for crappie overall would be chartreuse. This color takes the crown as it works in virtually every situation. Crappies tend to react the best when a color is paired with chartreuse. Chartreuse is especially effective when paired with pink, 2 of the best colors overall for crappie fishing. Crappie Magnet makes a great 50-Piece Split-Tail Grub that’s available on amazon. You can take a look at it with the link below.

So What are the Best Colors for Crappie Fishing?

Chartreuse easily takes the crown when it comes to the best colors for crappie fishing. Pink and white are also great options in most environments. If you want an even more effective lure, try to get a multi-color grub instead of a single color. This tends to get more crappie than if you were just to opt for a solid color.

Bonus Tip: Crappies tend to hide whenever possible. Try casting near a dead tree, under a dock or near some rocks.

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